Thursday, March 11, 2010

Four years and counting

Anniversary of the blog

When I began this blog I was not imagining that it would last so much in line, but the true thing is that it has given me many satisfactions throughout all these years, and that has achieved that one takes from me of the head the idea of leaving it in standby. Of course, the latter year I have lowered enough the rhythm, although that owes especially to the birth of my son in March of last year … and if I say to you that in summer we wait for other, you can do to yourselves an idea of the course that this blog is going to take in the future

Nevertheless, I believe that the fact of taking from me the obligation to write something every day somewhere here, has had positive results. On the one hand, the articles that I have published lately have been "simmered", and I believe that that we all like. On the other hand, the desire of commenting on small things that I see, they have done that the Twitter account has more vidilla, and that it will cheer up to create two parallel projects to me with Tumblr: Paradise Friki and Offers Frikis, two blogs that are working relatively well, and with that I am very satisfied.

I do not know how the publication rhythm will be after being a father for the second time, but I hope to keep on enjoying all this as till now. If to that we join the support that I have so much of companies as of those that you read me every day, I am sure that I still have left sane for moment. Thanks to all for being there!

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