Thursday, March 11, 2010

The restrictions and the creativity in the video games

The restrictions and the creativity in the video games

Very much it has been discussed about the absence of originality in the video games - and even in the movies - that we suffer nowadays, but far from blaming the involved ones in the design and creation of the same ones, I believe that the biggest enemy of the creativity is the means plenty. Although there seems paradoxical, if you stop to think about the matter, he has enough sense. In the past, the technology was more accessible, and a very small team - enclosed only one presents herself - could be coordinated more easily to center on the design of the final product. The limitations of the machines were doing that the creative ones had to wind the brains to offer interesting game mechanics, and saw the challenge of doing a game with a different perspective, instead of centring on offering a resounding technical paragraph.

At present, the teams of design and development are enormous, since the tasks multiply: design of personages and stages, creation of graphic engines and of physical, conception of an appropriate artificial intelligence, composition of a sound-track deigns, and like that up to a length etc. Although there are one or several governing, it is really complicated to obtain a cohesion adapted in all the aspects of the product, and often it gives priority more to the fact of “extracting what is”, that to treat with caress the whole production, especially when some parts have created theirs foreign studies (kinematics, movements apprehension, …).

I am not going to deny that the possibilities that we have with the consoles and current computers do feasible games that it does a time they were unimaginable, but I believe that the technology is maturing too rapidly, and many development studies have seen overwhelmed before so much advance. That's why, it is no wonder that many rebels have decided to put brake to so much polygon and to so many complexity, and thanks to them we have productions indie that demonstrate that trying to include very much not always is synonymous of quality. I believe that a few limits are worth being put, and trying to give the best thing of one himself without need to offer a deifying audio-visual spectacle … but unfortunately, this is not usually what it sells.

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