Monday, March 15, 2010

My favorite robots

From pequeñajo, I love the robots. One of my sleep has always been to do one to me - and as I said to Puck in RetroMadrid, some day hoped to fulfill it - but at the moment I have to be content with those that I have seen in the movies, the television and the video games … that are not small, precisely. Of course, a few molan more than others, and I have tried to do a list of those who, for the motive that is, have come to my personal Olympus. Do you want to know which are? Since there we go!



For me, the most charismatic and recognizable of all, and perhaps one of the clearest mental images that we have many when we think about a robot. Also, and since we have seen in the movies, R2-D2 it can do of everything, from flying, up to hackear the Star of the Death. It is a crack!

Bender Doblador Rodríguez

Bender and Homer

Of course, which would win in a dialectical war against any other robot, and undoubtedly, which more hates the human beings … although his best friend is one of them. Now when I think it, it is the most modern of all

Johnny 5

Although now it could seem a little ridiculous, it stopped the lads of the eighties with the open mouth. With a few special feelings, and more human than many of us, it served like model for many later robots, as for example …


Yes, those of Pixar have not been precisely originals on having designed Wall-E, but they have been able to print a really special charisma. I hope the second half of the peli had the same delight as the first one …

Optimus Prime

And from the teeny-weeny one we happen to the really big one, which above is capable of transforming in truck. My mother, is that Optimus Prime has everything … a pity that the cagaran with the movies

The Giant of Iron

We continue with other overgrown, come also of the space. Unfortunately, to this poor person they treated worse enough to him, but he could demonstrate to us that behind all this metallic, secret layer a few feelings that should us make spend shame of us ourselves …


Of a sanctimonious one, we happen to a human beings killer. Of course, in “Terminator 2” it gained many other points when it was rescheduled to save a John Connor in full age of the turkey. See you, baby!


In spite of the name, it is not exactly a robot, but this is my list and I do what gives me the desire: What is it possible to say about the protagonist of one of my favorite movies of all the times?


Cylon Number 6

Although the cylons of the old woman “Battlestar Gallactica“ are robots of the old school, in the new series they have much more style. And if one of the models has the form of Tricia Helfer, I believe that there is not much any more that to speak …

Plow him

Plow Norimaki

I have stopped by the end one of the craziest personages that I have never seen, that almost rubs the perfection if we bear in mind that it is a robot. Also, it was a forced reference if we bear in mind the article about a few days ago

What are your favorite robots? Leave your list in the comments!

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