Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I compete: Machinarium and Osmos in digital format

The Fourth Annual contest

To celebrate these four years of the blog, I have decided to do a small commemorative contest. The form to take part is very simple - as I will mention a little more forward - and the awards I believe that they are humble but interesting: a copy of “Machinarium“, and other one of “Osmos“ in digital format, two of the best games indie that were published last year.

You have two ways of taking part:

  1. Leaving a comment in the same entry, obtaining a number for the drawing. Do not forget to leave your mail in the form so that then I could get in touch with you in case you turn out to be winning.
  2. Putting a linkage at this entry in your blog, or in some social network, although in the latter case, the message has to be a public. Later, he writes a comment here indicating your participation, and you will have three numbers for the drawing.
On March 1 in the night the term will close to enter the contest, and the lucky ones - every game will be given to different persons - will decide with the prize-winning number of the ONCE of March 2. Previously I will have put a list with the participants, and the details of how the winners will be chosen.

As the license of the games is digital, the drawing is opened to the whole world, in contrast to others that it was doing previously in that there were "physical" awards. Date hurry and obtain one of these qualifications before it is late!

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