Saturday, March 13, 2010

Out of Print Archive: Liberating ancient video games magazines

Some time ago it was reviewing some magazine of video games that was scanned and was putting itself at the disposal of the public, but the discovery of Out of Print Archive deserves that he shares it with all of you with a separate entry.

At the moment they center on the English language publications, but it is a great pleasure to revise magazines as They Piss on Machines Sega, Computer and Video Games, or on the Official SEGA Saturn Magazine, and to see how one was speaking on the video games innovations when this of Internet was in nappies. Also, they have had the detail of creating a section with special coverages of some qualifications and events, in which the beginnings of Super Nintendo can be seen, or the recreational piece of news that Amusement Expo of 1996 presented before himself in the AOU.

What seems laudable to me is that a project of this type is completely an open sea, in contrast to some initiative that there tries to create a “select group” of the people with the scanned material. Now the question is: will it continue a lot of time in line?

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